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Hi, I'm Jason Li.

Personal Bio

I'm currently working with An Xiao Mina to found The Civic Beat, a new platform to tell the world's stories through internet culture.

I also work part-time as a freelance designer and consultant for various clients in Asia. And I continue to write for and edit 88 Bar, a group blog on technology, media and design in Greater China.

Once upon a time, I studied mechanical engineering and education at Brown University.

I work in design.

Work Work Work

Keywords that I'm familiar with include product strategy, user experience design, customer development, human computer interaction and futures forecasting.

More details if you ask nicely.

I also write, draw & publish things.



A tragicomic about the recession.


88 BAR

A group blog about tech, media and design in Greater China.

Here's a peak inside my brain.


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